Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ten Sleep, Wyoming

After a departure from Nashville, we headed up to St. Louis to visit the dopest guy on the planet, my brother, Matt Livasy, for an evening.  It was too short a time as we left the next day to visit my even more amazing parents for a few days, getting all of our gear ready for the journey.

Two days later, we pulled into the Big Horn Dolomite of Ten Sleep Canyon in Wyoming.

The dolomite is closely related to limestone it seems, and the climbing is very technical face/slab--pretty much the exact opposite of what I typically look for in sport routes.  However, it is still fun to work on weaknesses and also hang out with the prestigious Dr. Riofrio and his gang of friends.

Spirits are high, weather is cool, and photos to come soon.

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  1. Right on Livasy! Tear it up, and my hopes for you and your lady are for all good things. Peace and love brother.