Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Check this out #8

I couldn't just leave without giving ya'll one more thing to check out.

A good friend opened my eyes to this marvel of movie magic, this stupendous scene of sound, this bodacious bag of buffalo--er--I'll just let you see for yourself.   There are four episodes, so don't quit after the first one!


And one of me doing a fun boulder problem with wet feet consequences my friend Benny Bills and I found at Hueco Tanks.  The music is actually my brother's original work and the video was produced and filmed by 'ole Benny himself:


Till next time,

Amanda and Joshua

Christmas 2011

Ever since skipping out on Christmas with my family a few years back for a climbing trip and being viciously rained out, I have corrected my ways by always making it a point to go see the family during the holiday season.  Tomorrow I will hit the road for central Illinois to make good on that.  It's been about six months since I've seen them and I miss them so much.

After spending a little more than a week at the Obed alone (man I love that place), making new friends and climbing new lines, I came back to Nashville to discover that Amanda misses life on the road.  I consider her fully converted to dirtbag now.  The plan worked perfectly.  More news on this later.

For now though, the blog will be put away, and our adventures on the Great Magnet will turn back in to obscurity for a while.  But who knows, someday a new adventure may fall into our laps and grace the screen of this humble blog.

Have a great end of 2011 everyone, thanks for reading, and be safe out there.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back in the Southeast!

A great wind blew us back into the southeast and immediately upon arrival we went to bed.  But then we woke up the next day and went straight to the Obed for some bouldering.  Rains moved in and brought us back to Nashville for a couple of days.  Stopped by Climb Nashville for some hangin' out with some familiar faces--man the people there are the best!  If you live in Nashville and don't visit the gym you are missing out my friend!

Hopefully this weekend, the rain will clear and we will be back at the Obed.

We were led into the woods only to find this giant overhanging highball, going back to clean it this weekend.  Hopefully with an awesome crew, this beast will go down.  We named it the Tarzan in a Blender project.  More on this later!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Check this out #7

While at Hueco Tanks on a rest day, 'ole Benny Bills and I took our rope and draws into the park.

Enter Sea of Holes.

5.10a.  Two 150 foot pitches.  Pitch 1:  3 bolts.  Pitch 2:  4 bolts.

Needless to say, we crushed it.

That's me in the red backpack climbing up to meet Benny at the top of the first pitch at the belay station.  We swapped leads there.  This photo was taken through a pair of binoculars with an iphone by Amanda.

Hueco Tanks

Time is flying by!  Good feelings, friends, cheap burritos, oh and amazing climbing.  Enjoy some photos from the bouldering mecca that is the tanks.  More details later!

Super highball The Maiden.  Probably wouldn't have done it unless Andrew and Benny weren't so darn contagious.  Those guys are motivating!

Amanda on Sign of the Cross.  Classic.

Sign of the Cross again.

And again!

The Laughing Sutra.  The photo is taken through a hole at the top of the boulder.

Babyface.  Last trip to hueco I got shut down.  This time however...

Andrew's fingers in the Laughing Sutra.

...and those are Benny's sausage fingers.

Andrew on Double Vision.  Stiff V8.

Amanda floating the amazing Ghetto Simulator.

Ben tickling the topout on Ghetto Simulator.

At home on the endurance climbs...

Andrew happened to do this little line while he was in the Tanks.  Bloodline.

Back on the Ghetto Simulator.

Ever been stared down while wearing a fake mustache by a guy with a real mustache? I have.

I'm not kidding, the name of this problem is:  3 years dead and the bitch still bit me.  And it's rad!

New Religion.  Wow.