Saturday, November 5, 2011

Joe's Valley, Orangeville, Utah

What has happened?

It used to be I was the one that gave Amanda beta (beta: secret movement to solve a rock climb).  Now I'm workin' the v6's while she is workin' the v9's!

Joe's Valley sandstone is world class, and Amanda is feeling the friction.  With an onsight of a v7 that I couldn't lift my can off the ground, and several v5 onsights, and rippin' highballs with no guff. The woman is tickin' boulder problems like she has been climbing her whole life.

Makes me proud to see her rip it up like this.  She has been climbing strong the whole trip, but ever since we got to Joe's, she has been climbing super strong.

I've been doing pretty well too, but that goes without saying...

Today we awoke to a light snow flurry, enjoyed it for a moment, then moved on to coffee and a library.  We are in Castledale right now, with a little wi-fi to put up a few photos.  Enjoy.

nice panoramic shot of the van--so spacey!

Lowtide, V7, down by the river...awesome line.

Team Effort V8.

Team Effort.

Bring the Heatwole, V7.  Really cool.

Amanda crushing the first moves of Heatwole.  Getting into the kneebar.

"I'm crushing your head"

Amanda on Arma, V7.

Another on Arma.

Another short of Lowtide.