Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bishop, Week 2

How do you make highballs less scary?

Go climbing with some new friends!  We've been fortunate enough to meet up and climb with a variety of folks opening up new possibilities to climb in areas Amanda and I wouldn't dare visit alone!

One of such areas, was the Druid Stones, which took an hour long hike to get to--next time we will take the right trail!  Perfectly shaped boulders in an amazing setting, but don't take my word for it--check out some photos!

On the classic Sky Dance V5!

That crimp is tiny!  Bump to the jug...

Serious Californian spotters...

Cayla, V7, fell at the top out!  Double Dang!

Sweet moves out the roof.

Bump off that horrible left crimp to a one pad finger jug...

...kinda like that!

Where's the double rainbow?  Looking down the mountain from the Druid Stones onto Bishop.



Amanda and The Iron Man Traverse, V4.  Her project...

She is so close, falling at the last move!  Fingers literally tickling the final jug at the lip.

Meanwhile, she is looking better and better on it.

Approaching the final crux.

Sunset in Buttermilk Country.

Beginning the traverse.  We're not leaving Bishop until she sends!  Low temps coming in next week!

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