Sunday, September 4, 2011

Straight 'Outta Squampton

We finally decided to leave Squamish, but we did it cleanly.  Our friends Kid and Marie Eve who offered us company, a place to hang, and a shower on more than one occasion lent us a shop vac to spruce up the van and Marie Eve even washed the outside of the van for us!  Double Dang!

We then bid our friends farewell and commenced leaving the great country of Canada and headed south down the West Coast.  Making it through customs quickly (it's interesting how much faster you get through with a beautiful young lady in the car) we made a much needed stop in Whole Foods Seattle to stock up on the supplies we depleted in Canada.

Then we filled up the van and hit the road to Klamath Beach.  On the way, we were very impressed with the Oregon Coast, especially Astoria.  Some of you may know that this is where the Goonies House is.  And Yes, we did stop and check it out...I mean, come on, it was right off the road, it literally took five minutes!  Maybe we took pictures too, and maybe I'll post them for you to see later.  Kindergarten Cop was also shot there, but we didn't make the pilgrimage.  We did however stop at this awesome breakfast shop that hooked it up with the Eggs Benedict (I'm slightly interested in the obviously dank crepery just down from where I'm currently typing this as well.).

Astoria also boasted many unique stores and art galleries nestled right on the water--one of them even had a Goonies Themed Section--Classic.

Then we drove a half hour down the street for Cannon Beach.  Which some of you may recall was where the rocks jutting out of the water fit Mikey's Doubloon in the movie, The Goonies.  Yep, we were there, and once again, maybe there are photos...

Finally arriving in Klamath, we hurried down for a short bouldering/exploring session of the famous Lost Rocks on the beach and made it back in time to watch the sun dip into the ocean.  Marvelous.

That night, at around 1:50am, we were startled awake as some misfit broke out the window in the car next to us and stole a computer and camera from the vehicle.  I feel bad for not getting out in my boxer shorts wielding the 'ole machete, but I figured it wasn't my place to get involved.

The following morning, the Yurok Tribe sent one of their police to the scene to investigate and told us that this is extremely common in the area and also telling us about having guns pulled on you if you go bouldering outside the designated zone set by the Yurok Tribe.  Despite some harsh moods laid down in the situation, we risked staying another night to climb on the amazing boulders (photos soon), but luckily we were safeguarded by a large group of super nice Korean kids gambling and playing music in the parking lot all night.

We also met and climbed with a young man named Shawn from Oregon and his golden retriever, Abby.  The four of us hiked the entire beach of Lost Rocks, bouldering on every sweet line we passed.  This is possibly one of the most unique bouldering areas I have ever been too.  Once we get the photos from the camera, we will post some more awesome shots of the bouldering and how the day went from completely clear to completely foggy.

We are now sitting in a coffee shop in Arcata, California, just down from said crepery that is just playing with my imagination.

Shawn and I sessioning a cool dyno problem on the final beach sector of Lost Rocks.

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