Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Forest

Seems to me that we hit Squamish up at precisely the right time.  Three solid weeks of no rain.  I have no huge sends to report on, but Amanda on the other hand, has been crushing!

We have primarily been bouldering, but since it finally rained yesterday, we are heading to Checkamus Canyon today for some good 'ole fashioned bluff scalin'.

We were joined for a few days by Nashville natives, Jonathan Craig (all-around master of everything athletic) and Igor "I don't mind walking" Pusanov.  We have also been hanging out with friends I met when I first came here (this is my fourth trip) back in 2003, which has been a lot of fun.

We should be leaving here within the next few days and starting our slow move toward Yosemite National Park via Highway 1 down the Californian Coast.  We were going to ferry over to Vancouver Island for some sport climbing at Horne Lake, but we have decided to skip it since the Canadian Dollar is dominating our American Dollars ability to go very far up here.

Enjoy these photos that Amanda has taken!

Amanda on the Black Mark, V4...so close...

This is what we have to look at every morning when we wake up!

I know what you're thinking, Amanda looks stumped in this photo.  The reason?  Why can't Josh focus the camera!

Taking a stroll on the classic Tradkiller, V4.

Making progress and more funny faces on Worm World Cave, V9.

Amanda trying to figure out It's About Time, V5.

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