Friday, August 26, 2011

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

We were planning on leaving Squamish yesterday...but we didn't.

Instead we aren't leaving until sometime next week.

We have been invited to a pig roast on Saturday (Amanda is so excited about that one...), so there's no way we can miss that!  And on Monday, this cool kid from Vancouver Island has offered to climb Angel's Crest with him on the Chief.  Angel's Crest is a 13 pitch traditional climb with several 5.10 pitches.  Amanda will not be joining in on the fun, but we have a pair of binoculars so she can watch me poop my pants safely from the ground.

I'll try to take my small camera with me, but fair warning, they will not be quality photos, but it does have auto-focus, so even I shouldn't be able to mess that up.

Also, next week, the temperature is supposed to drop creating great conditions for some of the harder lines we have been attempting in the forest.  Hopefully, we can wrap up some unfinished business in the forest and hit the road back to America, down the California coast's Highway 1 to Big Sur, and eventually the Yosemite Valley for a bit before settling down in Bishop California for a month or so for some more world class bouldering.

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