Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back in the Southeast!

A great wind blew us back into the southeast and immediately upon arrival we went to bed.  But then we woke up the next day and went straight to the Obed for some bouldering.  Rains moved in and brought us back to Nashville for a couple of days.  Stopped by Climb Nashville for some hangin' out with some familiar faces--man the people there are the best!  If you live in Nashville and don't visit the gym you are missing out my friend!

Hopefully this weekend, the rain will clear and we will be back at the Obed.

We were led into the woods only to find this giant overhanging highball, going back to clean it this weekend.  Hopefully with an awesome crew, this beast will go down.  We named it the Tarzan in a Blender project.  More on this later!

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