Friday, December 2, 2011

Hueco Tanks

Time is flying by!  Good feelings, friends, cheap burritos, oh and amazing climbing.  Enjoy some photos from the bouldering mecca that is the tanks.  More details later!

Super highball The Maiden.  Probably wouldn't have done it unless Andrew and Benny weren't so darn contagious.  Those guys are motivating!

Amanda on Sign of the Cross.  Classic.

Sign of the Cross again.

And again!

The Laughing Sutra.  The photo is taken through a hole at the top of the boulder.

Babyface.  Last trip to hueco I got shut down.  This time however...

Andrew's fingers in the Laughing Sutra.

...and those are Benny's sausage fingers.

Andrew on Double Vision.  Stiff V8.

Amanda floating the amazing Ghetto Simulator.

Ben tickling the topout on Ghetto Simulator.

At home on the endurance climbs...

Andrew happened to do this little line while he was in the Tanks.  Bloodline.

Back on the Ghetto Simulator.

Ever been stared down while wearing a fake mustache by a guy with a real mustache? I have.

I'm not kidding, the name of this problem is:  3 years dead and the bitch still bit me.  And it's rad!

New Religion.  Wow.

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